We painstakingly review the relevant medical policies for multiple insurance carriers. Then we re-review them monthly to see if there are any changes in the medical necessity criteria. If there are changes, we let you know, and amend our templates to reflect the changes


Office-based Solutions

QuickPrecert interacts seamlessly with your present computer and software systems. Multiple practice locations and multi-provider groups are easily accommodated.

  • Easilty Manage Account Setting
  • Reduce repetitive documentation tasks
  • Increase efficiency of submissions
  • Collates clinical into a single document

Facility-based Solutions

Flexible entry options and multiple providers are easily adapted and built in dashboards allow easy cross-referencing across users.

  • Inpatient procedural/bed day requests
  • SNF Admission Criteria
  • LTACH Admission Criteria
  • Out of network benefit coverage requests

Procedures Available

General Procedures

Any procedure code that is on the precertification list for a specific insurance carrier can be requested on the QuickPrecert platform.

Inpatient Bed Days

If a specific procedure or patient is more appropriately served under an inpatient level of care, we can help define what constitutes an appropriate inpatient status setting or when the patient is appropriately cared for under outpatient/observation level of care.


Standard medications as well as specialty medications are often subject to multiple criteria. We ensure that the medication requested is correct, has preferred status and appropriate dosing is outlined.

Varicose Veins

The majority of varicose vein procedures require precertification. Different carriers have different criteria and they are generally based on ultrasound results, vein size and reflux, and a duration of conservative therapy. Our customized, menu-driven form makes it easy to choose the right vein, the right procedure code and the right supporting clinical information.

Spinal Surgery

Elective spinal surgery cases are on the national precertification list for essentially every insurance carrier. The potential for multiple levels, multiple codes, and multiple devices or ancillary products makes spinal surgery precertification a daunting task. Our intuitive, targeted template makes it easy to choose the levels of surgery, the procedure codes requested, and includes specific allografts or devices.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery patients are complex and so are the precertification requirements. Insurance carriers vary widely with medical necessity criteria including the presurgical program requirements, impact of comorbid conditions for various levels of a patient’s BMI, and the required preoperative screening tests needed. By providing a templated roadmap, QuickPrecert guarantees a successful surgical approval.

Orthopedic Surgery

Additional orthopedic surgery precertification options include viscosupplementation use, femoral-acetabular impingement surgery, and joint arthroplasty including appropriateness of inpatient level of care when clinical conditions merit an inpatient stay.

Breast Surgery

The most common breast surgery requiring precertification is reduction mammaplasty. The requirements are generally straightforward but each insurance carrier has a different approach to the number of grams required for removal to be consistent with their medical policy. QuickPrecert makes it easy!

Eye Surgery

The primary eye procedures that require precertification include blepharoplasty, blepharoptosis, and brow ptosis. A simple, menu-driven form ensures that the appropriate documentation is included and that the relevent ocular examination features are described.

Panniculetomy/ Abdominoplasty

Request for authorization of panniculectomy and / or abdominoplasty is complex as it requires critical clinical documentation as well as supporting photographic images. Our forms guide you on which images are needed and the best photographic techniques to optimize clinical relevance.

DME / Medical Supplies

Requests for specific DME items or medical supplies can be extremely confusing. Knowing from the outset which items are allowable and considered medically necessary, makes providing the equipment much easier and faster. Custom requests are welcomed!

Botulinum Toxin

The broad clinical applications of botulinum toxin can make it challenging to incorporate the correct clinical to support medical necessity criteria. We help guide you with acceptable clinical diagnoses and specific indications for various botox formulations.

"If it needs precertification, we can help!"

If you have a specific pain point with precertification, let our experts assist with removing the pain point, often at no additional cost.

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In addition to our standard services, QuickPrecert provides several custom precertification services.

Custom Platform Creatiion

If you are a hospital, a payer, a health plan, an insurance provider, TPA, broker, diagnostic imaging provider, or ambulatory surgery center — any organization where you want to change, augment, streamline or create your own prior authorization process, the experts at QuickPrecert, LLC, will deliver a smooth and efficient prior authorization platform.

Peer to Peer Services

If an initial submission is returned with an unfavorable determination, the experts at QuickPrecert will conduct a peer to peer call with the insurance medical director to present the appropriate medical necessity criteria matched with the patient’s clinical information to overturn the initial denial.

Denial Letter Services

If services are initially denied and if a peer discussion is not ruled in your favor, and in favor of the patient, an appropriately crafted and targeted denial letter, that is supplemented with the critical medical necessity criteria can result in the original denial being overturned. In your busy practice, you may not have the time or resources to produce such a letter. The experts at QuickPrecert can act in your stead.

We are committed to improving the precertification process by providing streamlined solutions to help you take care of your patients.


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