Simplify Tasks

Let QuickPrecert do the heavy lifting

The prior-authorization and pre-certification process can be challenging. Each insurance carrier has its own forms, documentation requirements, and mechanisms to submit the clinical information. Quickprecert simplifies this process.

  • Standardized Fields
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Menu-driven choices
  • Customizable

Targeted Documentation

Each insurance carrier has its own medical coverage policies and these vary widely with which services are covered. Keeping track of what services are covered is where QuickPrecert shines. We have curated the codes and procedures and what information is needed to support the medical necessity. When you pick a procedure, you can be confident it can be covered.


Improve Efficiency

Do not waste time submitting the entire patient’s chart or including unnecessary clinical information. QuickPrecert guides you by using our optimized clinical navigation system. Pre-filled forms and programmed submission modes makes it easy to submit the information to specified insurance carriers. We decrease the time and effort required from the start to submission.


Reduce Denials

QuickPrecert provides tailored and targeted documentation guidance that clarifies the procedural request for the carrier, ensures only allowable codes are submitted, and ensures the vital supporting clinical information is available. QuickPrecert reduces unwanted and unnecessary denials.

We are committed to improving the precertification process by providing streamlined solutions to help you take care of your patients.


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